Three ways to map the world around your company for innovation

When coming up with new directions for innovation, or when you’re taking the first steps on your startup journey, it’s all about understanding the problem you want to solve.

That requires making sense of a lot of incoming information.

First of all, you’ll have information coming in from interviews with…

From the Experiment Cookbook

Updated Experiment Cheatsheet

Validating your assumptions with experiments is a cornerstone of the Lean Startup methodology. Identifying the riskiest assumption you want to validate, defining your hypothesis, and then running a validation experiment is a great way to de-risk your startup process and move forward. …

From the Experiment Cookbook

Use this list to come up with interview scripts fast and easy

A few weeks back, I worked with a client setting up scripts for customer development interviews.

While they were working on questions for their interview script, one team member remarked that it would be great to have some kind of cheat sheet or list of questions to copy from. …

Customer Validation

How to get a read on what features customers find important

Validating a complex set of features

Let’s say you are validating a new product, and you’re homing in on a value proposition. So far so good.

However, it turns out you’ve come up with way too many ideas for features based on your customer’s input.

How to make sense of this? How to whittle this long…

How to find your key innovation opportunities based on the Jobs to be Done

As you probably read a hundred times, innovation starts by understanding your customer. What do they try to achieve? What is the ‘Job’ they try to get done? And how can you help them achieve it?

In Lean Startup terms, that job your customer is trying to get done is…

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Designing the Future | Entrepreneur, venture builder, visual thinker, AI, multidisciplinary explorer. Designer / co-author of Design A Better Business

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